Event Packages

Jazz up your events and parties and have a whale of a time with these packages.

iPen Digital Guestbook Package

With our professional photographer and digital guestbook, sharing and printing your photos have never been easier.

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iPhoto Booth Package

Enter our HD camera booth, choose your picture frame, print your photos, and share them with all those you love!

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iTag Package

Take photos, add hashtags, click Share and print -- do all these with our Instagram booth. You’ll also have a guest information database that makes tagging a piece of cake!

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iGreen Screen Package

Change backgrounds instantly with a green screen, and share or print your photos taken by our top-of-the-line DSLR camera in a jiff.

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iMirror Ring Package

iMirror Ring Have fun taking selfies , sharing and getting your photos right away. All you want with intrend style

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